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FC Galaxy Steinfurt 2013 e.V.

FC Galaxy Steinfurt
The Galaxy FC Steinfurt 2013 eV is a football club from the Münsterland region, which was established on 03.03.2013. In addition to sports, the association focuses in particular on activities in the field of integration and is responsible for the development of sportshand.

Turnerbund Burgsteinfurt 1862 e.V.

Turnerbund Steinfurt
In 2012 the Gymnastics Federation Burgsteinfurt 1862 eV celebrated its 150th anniversary, although today's large club competes under the name Turnerbund only since 1920. At that time, namely, the company merged the Turnvereine " Gut Heil " and " Jahn " for Turnerbund Burgsteinfurt. The emergence of a gymnastics club in Burgsteinfurt is due to the revolutionary ideas of renovation of physical activity of Jahn.

Sportverein Wilmsberg 1924 e.V. – Borghorst

SV Wilmsberg
The SV Wilmsberg 1924 eV is a down to earth football club from the district town in the south of the district Steinfurt Borghorst. The Club can look back on a truly eventful history, because there was in the previous 89 years of its existence many ups but also downs. So it has managed since the 50s again and again to establish itself in the about circular union football leagues of SVW. Furios were making sure the 80's when the SVW with young actors of the walkover of the district league succeeded to the former Verbandsliga which at that time represented the fourth highest German league.

S.C. Preußen Borghorst 1911 e.V.

Preussen Borghorst
On 03 September 1911 saw the birth of the SC Prussia Borghorst 1911 eV. To this end, young businessmen, students and artisans came together to found this today as tradition moderately known beyond our borders Sports Club Prussia Borghorst.

Inspired by the 1978 World Cup Sabine Laschefski approached the Board of SC Preussen Borghorst and did manifest that it now would be the time to introduce the girls' football in Borghorst. Thus, the foundation for the current women's and girls' football department was created.

Breitensport Burgsteinfurt e.V.

The grassroots Burgsteinfurt eV promotes the sport in Burgsteinfurt by athletic exercises and performances. This particular attention is paid to the principles of free sporting purposes, the amateur spirit and good sport camaraderie. The Verin offers a wide range of sporting activities for young and old.

TV Borghorst 1884 e.V.

TV Borghorst
It was at the beginning of 1884, when a small group of citizens together Borghorster was to call in this small village of about 5,000 souls at the time a gymnastics club to life. In several other cities and towns in the area, including in Burgsteinfurt, Been in the sixties clubs for physical training, the return to the idea of gymnastics father Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, been established.

Marathon Steinfurt

Marathon Steinfurt
Marathon Steinfurt eV is now grown up with more than 600 members of a real grassroots club. In addition to the many sports activities in the areas of Running, cycling, triathlon, Nordic Walking, aerobics and strength training they also offer numerous courses and events.

VITAREHA Reha- und Gesundheitssport Steinfurt e.V.

VITAREHA Reha- und Gesundheitssport Steinfurt e.V.
From the requirement out of the patient physiotherapy practice Anja Jüttemann, to offer further training opportunities, in 2008 the rehabilitation and health sports club Vita rehab has founded eV. We promote the rehabilitation and health sports for young and old. We also previously unsportsmanlike participants are in good hands, who want after surgery and bone fractures or orthopedic and neurological diseases, are fit for everyday life again. No matter what age, what disease or that level of performance, except for heart patients, we have for almost every group the right offer.

DJK OT Borghorst

DJK OT Borghorst
The Volleyball Club was established in 1971 as a hobby group of TDC Home St. Nicomedes of the former teacher Bode , director of the TDC Home - founded G. Roters and Werner king . Since the club could no longer be undertaken only as a group , it was decided in 1976 to go to the roof of the DJK . Over time, the club grew and it emerged besides male and female teams , also youth and amateur teams . Whatever your goal is pursued , whether power or fun , our association can realize both objectives . Today, growing the club and is happy about every new face - whether young or old , regardless of their nationality !